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Zona: uno spazio d‘arte non-profit ed archivi a Firenze 1974/1985…


zona portfolio / opere grafiche / andrea daninos, verìta monselles, alberto moretti, paolo masi, paolo chiari, massimo nannucci, andrea granchi, renato ranaldi, bruno gambone, maurizio nannucci, fulvio salvadori, luciano bartolini, mario mariotti / ottobre 1976

luciano bartolini / traces / artist's book / 250 copie / 1976

zona eat art food limited / by appointment fluxus and zona people / tarte alla ben / babà di zona / budino fluxus / fool spoerri / nannucci mistcake / 1976

fogli di zona / rattenfallen / 1 / robert lax: a poem / 2 / paul armand gette: four small girls / 3 / joseph kosuth: testo/contesto (zonafirenze) / 4 / ian hamilton finlay & ron costley: woods / estate 1978

massimo nannucci / senza titolo / artist's book / 50 copie / 1978

maurizio nannucci / parole / 45 rpm record / 1979

paolo masi / la geometria del posto / artist's book / 200 copie / 1980

marino vismara / postscriptum / artist's book / 50 copie / 1981

zona temperata / opere multiple / lapo binazzi, fabrizio corneli, paolo masi, albert mayr, massimo nannucci, maurizio nannucci, monica sarsini, marino vismara / edizione di 20 esemplari / 1982/1984

sol lewitt / variations on I'm still alive on kawara / artist's book / ... copie / 1988

fluxus anthology / a collection of music and sound events edited by maurizio nannucci / con la collaborazione & la produzione artistica di maurizio della nave / 33 rpm record / eric andersen, joseph beuys, john cage, philip corner, robert filliou, ken friedman, juan hidalgo, dick higgins, milan knizak, alison knowles, walter marchetti, joko ono, nam june paik, ben vautier, wolf vostell, emmett williams, robert watts, la monte young / prima edizione di 1000 copie (di cui 100 per il  frankfurter kunstverein) / 1989

james lee byars / P.I.I.T.L. / perfect is in the louvre / artist's book / 1000 copie / 1990

lawrence weiner / zona coins / multiplo / 100 copie / 1998

recorthings / artists' audioworks & sound poetry / audio cassette, dischi, cd / edited by: maurizio nannucci, alvaro becattini, maurizio della nave / co-produced by zona archives (firenze)
robert lax / sea & sky / black & white / 1981
bern porter & bob holman / aspect of modern poetry / 1982
terry fox / audioworks / 1983
enregistrements pataphisiques / antologia sonora patafisica / edited by maurizio nannucci / 1983
dick higgins / bodies electric: arches / requiem for wagner the criminal mayor / 1983
maurizio nannucci / audio/sound/radioworks / 1984
fonè, la voce e la traccia / performances sonore firenze/paris / 1985
philip corner & charles santos / chord / gong! / 1986
zonaradio / an international program of artists' audioworks / 1987
maurizio della nave / strange creatures / 1987
demos / maurizio nannucci & steve piccolo / 1989

keeping Time

archivio di artists' audioworks, a cura di maurizio nannucci, presentato a zona nel 1977 e poi villa arson, nice 1995; box, bourges 1996; kunsthaus, bregenz 1997; palazzo delle papesse, siena 1998; ex teresa, mexico city 2000


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Zona Nonprofit Art Space
Florence 1974/1985

Founded in 1974 in Florence, Zona represents an outstanding, internationally recognized, nonprofit, artist-run space. Situated in the historic quarter San Niccolò, Zona’s involvement with the experimental art movements of the 1970s and 1980s: multimedia art, concrete poetry, Conceptual art, performance, contrasted with the everyday life of the neighborhood.
In accordance with its mission - o show interdisciplinary work on an international level - Zona’s program sought a crossover of experimental visual arts, music, architecture, and poetry. The aim of overcoming traditional borders between the disciplines was achieved through a radical, anti-academic organization, and through the confrontation of the audience with unusual insights into multifaceted art experiments and experiences that anticipated developments in the visual arts. Zona’s activities included more than 250 exhibitions/events as well as Zona publications and editions. In 1981 ZonaRadio went online, broadcasting new music and sound by artists.
“Zona People” formed a flexible collective, without long term programming. Flexibility was important as there was no financial support either from private sponsors or from public institutions. Zona’s program was completely self-financed by the members of the space. Zona built up an international network that promoted new art movements and opened up the possibility of a global exchange between artists, art critics, and the public.

Maurizio Nannucci, Paolo Masi, Mario Mariotti, Giuseppe Chiari, Massimo Nannucci, Albert Mayr, Alberto Moretti, Gianni Pettena

The nonprofit art space Zona was founded and organized by artists, musicians, poets, and architects, who were living and working in Florence.

Creation of a global network of interdisciplinary art practices and exhibition of international experimental art in Florence.

Avant-garde art movements of the 1970s and 1980s, film and video, Conceptual art, Fluxus, performance, concrete and sound poetry, radical architecture, artists’ books and small press, audioworks, ZonaRadio.

Zona Archives and Zona Archives Editions

Zona Archives
Maurizio Nannucci
Box 1486
50121 Florence, Italy. zonaarchives@libero.it